Wafloy Mountain Village


Thanks for considering investing in what is sure to be an amazing summer at Wafloy next year.
Before you begin the application process – please take a moment to read about Wafloy’s story and mission if you are not already familiar with us.  We are excited that at just three years into the rebuilding journey here at Wafloy, the assistance of summer help is necessary to minister effectively to the number of groups we have coming. Our interns are critical in providing the personalized


Applying is not a commitment, but not applying is a decommitment.
So take that step, and see what God does.


Purpose of internship:
To assist and strengthen Wafloy’s ministry to summer groups and provide opportunities for interns to grow spiritually and gain valuable ministry experience.

Details of Internship:
Length – 11 weeks (Monday, May 21 – Monday, August 6)
Compensation – $100/week provided to intern @ no expenses + lodging + most meals (Pay period every 2 weeks)

Criteria for Applicants:
-Must be born again Christ follower who is living out Christian faith
-Church involvement (maintain weekly involvement somewhere)
-Good reputation by peers
-Respect for authority
-21-25 years of age
-Must refrain from alcohol, tobacco, drugs
-Servant Attitude
-Desire to develop outdoor ministry skills
-Strong work ethic
-Strong communication skills
-Physically fit and capable of manual labor, sitting, standing, lifting, etc.
-Ability to handle stress and conflict well
-Willingness to learn
-Ability to conduct himself/herself in professional manner
-Consent to background check
-CPR certification (not required but preferred)

Job Description: (some duties shared, others specifically assigned):
-Report to and work closely alongside Director (meet with and communicate with daily)
-Convey sense of Christ-like hospitality with all guests
-Act as liaison with group leaders and participants.  Meet and welcome groups upon arrival – orientation and ensure groups have everything they need.
-Build relationships with students and encourage when opportunities present themselves
-Assist with receiving final payments, waivers, keys, etc.
-Assist in coordinating between multiple groups on campus (shared rec times, facilities, etc)
-Help ensure groups comply with all Wafloy rules and regulations
-Assist with check lists (pre arrival and post departure) in each facility
-Help maintain grounds – keep campus clean, safe and functioning, weedeating, mowing, blowing, landscaping, etc.
-Work alongside maintenance staff if needed
-Assist with housekeeping with major turnovers to prepare for gorups
-Oversee recreational needs:  prep, maint., inventory, upkeep
-Oversee paintball operations:  prep, maint., inventory, upkeep, orientation, game play, etc.
-Help maintain and run camp store during select hours
-Assist with guest needs:  firewood, locked keys, trash bags, etc.
-Possible short errands from time to time
-Assist with social media – pictures of groups and activities, updates.
-Oversee audio/visual in chapel – maintain and verify all is in order, assist groups when needed.

-Be 100% on board with Wafloy policies and supportive of leadership.  This means when you are alone with Wafloy guests – your words, actions and attitude reflect such support.
-Be a leader and enforce policies when needed.
-Be on time.
-Be courteous>  We all have our bad days – but it doesn’t need to be displayed in front of our guests.
-Be professional (Dress professional.  Act professional and speak professionally)
-Dress appropriately – Wafloy staff t-shirts when guests are on property – shorts at waist (solid colors)
What not to wear – flip flops, cut off shorts or shirts, t-shirts with large secular print.
-No co-ed relationship with any Wafloy guests during their stay or the summer
-Never alone with any Wafloy guest.
-Report any issues immediately to Director.
-Refrain from alcohol, tobacco, drugs.
-Refrain from foul language and /or crude/ inappropriate humor.
-No one other than interns permitted in intern housing.  No overnight guests.
-Not permitted to have friends drop by to hang out except during specified ‘down/off’ times.  And only with Director prior knowledge and approval.


Thanks again for considering being a part of Wafloy’s ministry!

After you have submitted the application, a Wafloy staff member will contact you.


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