General Questions about staying at Wafloy:

Please remember, we are a Retreat, not a Resort ….. We do not have a night clerk, room service, housekeeping staff, turn-down service, freshen-up or concierge service, nor linen, towel or laundry facilities on campus for public or service use.

What time is Check-in?  ….. Check-in is any time after 4PM.  Due to COVID-19 and the increased protocols for cleaning, we are currently unable to offer or guarantee early check in.  Thank you for your kind understanding.

What if we can’t Check-in between 4:00-5:00pm?  …..  We will gladly leave you a map on the mailbox for ‘Self Check-in’ directing you to your reserved building(s). Please be prepared to meet with a Wafloy staff or volunteer first thing the next morning to provide waivers and an incidental credit/debit card that will not be charged unless it is required for any damages/incidentals incurred during your stay.

What time is Check-out? …. Check-out is by or before 11AM.  Due to COVID-19 and the increased protocols for cleaning, we are currently unable to offer or guarantee late check out.  Thank you for your kind understanding.

What is our Check-out procedure? …..  We ask each group to assist us in the stewardship of the grounds and buildings that they use. Each building has specific steps to follow for your last day.  These steps are posted usually by the back door and often in other areas as well. Thank you in advance for following them as you prepare to leave.

What are Quiet Hours? …..  We don’t have a curfew that requires ‘lights out’ nor do we require your group is to be quiet within the building(s) you are enjoying, however, we do have Quiet Hours from 11PM-6AM. During these hours we ask that while anyone one from your group is outside please be sure to use indoor voices and keep activities quiet.  Also please be sure to use flashlights for only showing the footpath.  Do not shine them toward other buildings, windows or yards. The few families that live and work on the campus and the other groups may need to be resting for what the day ahead requires. We appreciate your courteous behavior while your group is outside during Quiet Hours.  Thank you.

Do your buildings have A/C and Heat? …..  Yes. All of our buildings have some form of heating/cooling. Just a few of our buildings have wall/window units for cooling and space heaters for heating but most of them have central heat and air.

Do you have television service, satellite or cable? … No. Nowhere on either campus.

Do you have mini-fridges and coffee pots in motel/hotel/bunkhouse rooms? … No

Can we light candles? … Open flames of any form outside of the fireplace(s) are prohibited within any/all buildings by the fire department.

Can shoot fireworks? … No. We are adjacent to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Fireworks are prohibited on campus.

Can we decorate? … Feel free to decorate in any fashion that will not damage paint, dry-wall or wood within or on a building. Please do not use nails, tacks or command stickers/hooks. They often do damage. Please use only the blue painter’s tape or the cork strips provided. Any outdoor decor also must be temporary. All decor will need to be removed and disposed of properly as part of your check-out procedures.

Can someone bring a pet/animal?We have a “No Pets” policy. If any unauthorized animal(s) brought on site, the owner will be asked to leave and take the animal(s) and charged a $150 fee per animal. We can only make an exception for an ADA Certified Service animal provided that 1) the animal’s papers have been submitted and approved no less than 10 days prior to arrival and 2) that the animal and owner will be located in the room(s) specified for service animals. Please realize that we must also accommodate guests with extreme pet dander allergies so specific rooms for ADA Service animals will be required. These are not located in each building, but only a few.

Do you have WiFi? … We do, however, we are not in control of the strength or reliability of the available service. Please rely on Wifi at your own risk. Unsecured WiFi is available on most of the lower campus but please note it may not reach all buildings. We do not post a WiFi password in buildings that have WiFi, but if a building does have a password it has been emailed to your leader before arrival. We leave it to each group leader to decide who needs it.

Is there any wildlife on the Wafloy campuses? … We are at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Parks. Be VERY Bear Aware: Bear are usually most active from dusk through dawn. Do NOT leave any food in cars or leave out trash or trash bags. We also have snakes, gnats, bugs, spiders, and a variety of furry, four-legged or winged wildlife that your group may see any time of the year.

Do you offer Catering? … While most of the facilities offer a fully equipped kitchen for your group’s use, *optional catering is available through Trish’s Diner, Catering plans and details are not handled by the Wafloy office. For information on menus and pricing, please contact Trish. 865.325.8093. If you are interested in having any meals catered, we suggest that you begin contact with the diner about your options the same day that you sign a reservation agreement. A delay in contacting them may result in catering not being an option. We highly recommend Trish’s Diner – so please contact them soon if you are interested in catering.


Important information for Group Leaders:

As Lead Contact, you agreed to Wafloy’s  CONDITIONS FOR USE: You may wish to print and review the agreement to see what you should convey to your participants. You and each member of your group are responsible for the information mentioned within these conditions.

Checking into your Building(s): We have an accountability list that shows what has been done to prepare for your arrival and list any items that we are aware of that may be in need of minor repair. We ask that your leadership look through your building(s) in order to add to that list if needed and sign off on the condition you received the building for your stay.

Trash Removal, Hospitality Number & Check-Out Procedures: These are all posted by a main door for easy reference. Trash is removed twice daily, procedures for your day of check-out are simple and clearly requested.  Any adult from your group may call the hospitality line that is posted and leave a message 24 hours a day. These will be attended to during business hours (times posted).

In Case of Emergencies: Threat to life or limb, total loss of a utility (all plumbing, all power, a/c or heat) throughout your building(s), alarms that don’t stop, burst pipes, flooding, fire, explosions and the like are viable emergencies. The leader is given an emergency line to be used in these cases. He/she should give this number to one or two responsible adults who will use it for emergency (not hospitality) purposes only. It is not the same as the hospitality line.  The emergency number is not posted.  It must be obtained from your group’s leader. A voicemail or text must be left on the emergency line because this line notifies multiple staff at the same time. By leaving a voice mail or text is the only way the one closest to you can and will respond.

First Aid, Medications, and AEDs: These are each group’s own responsibility. We do not stock buildings with first aid or medical supplies. We currently do not have an AED located on campus.

  • Nearest Urgent Care:   Echota Family & Urgent Care, 1065 Glades Rd, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
  • 7 miles/ 11 minutes away, open M-F 8:00am-5:00pm.  Phone: (865) 567-1909
  • Hospital:  LeConte Medical Center in Sevierville, TN   Phone: (865) 466-7000



Specific Building FAQs
Steiner-Bell Lodge:
  • Parking at Steiner-Bell Lodge: There are between 2-3 parking spaces to the side of Steiner-Bell. They are best suited for loading/unloading and parking for those with disabilities because of the ramp and zero step to the far left. Parking to the rear of the building is limited to 2 vehicles parallel parked by the farthest edge of the back lot.  Reason: Fire truck access, trash pick up and linens or maintenance delivery box truck access. All other parking is in the lower lot for all but the 4-5 spaces up top.
  • Hiking Trails: We are adjacent to the Smokey Mountains National Park, with access by one feeder trail. Just below the parking lot at Steiner-Bell is a feeder trail that is unmarked.  It is about 1 mile in before reaching the a marked trail: Old Settlers Trail​.  From there you can choose your direction.  It is considered an intermediate hike.  More about Old Settlers Trail – HERE