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What people may envision when planning a group event or gathering can greatly vary from person to person, especially if there’s confusion between how a Retreat differs from a Resort. That is why this brief note to help familiarize new, returning and even just curious guests about the ways we here at Wafloy Mountain Village | Christian Retreat differ from a Resort stay.

Finances aside, retreats and resorts differ on other levels than cost. The adage that you ‘get what you pay for’ may or may not always be as measurable as the bottom line of expense.

Let me explain:

Your Lodge

At a Resort: You and your group will likely not be able to have an entire building all to yourself. You’ll likely bump elbows with other guests that you may not know or be concerned about you’re your own appearance during your down time.

At a Retreat: Or at least here at Wafloy, your group has autonomy of your own building. The only occasional visitors are our staff. Each member of your group can be comfortable to relax and embrace the fellowship of everyone else in their proximity. Your group members won’t go in other group’s lodges during your stay here and visa versa. It’s a group’s safe space.

Your Food

At a Resort: You are likely having to either eat out, order high-priced room service or dine at the resort eatery.

At a Retreat: Again, speaking of Wafloy, your options range from having your event or part of your event catered, eating out, bringing orders in or gathering in the kitchen for a menu of your own home-made meals. One idea may be to give group members a role in the cooking, serving or clean up duty thus making it a bonding experience.

Your Needs

At a Resort: There is a night clerk, a hospitality staff and usually housekeeping on site, often available 24 hours a day.

At a Retreat: Here at Wafloy, the staff live and work on the premises and do our best to balance our family lives while meeting your group’s truest needs. We have our ‘off time’ and our work time. However, what differs is that we are pro-active rather than on call. That’s why we have specific check-in times, call you on your way here to make sure all is going according to plan for you, and someone visits your group twice a day (most days) to make sure your group is doing well!

Your Plans

At a Resort: There are often many types of planned social gatherings. Televisions, movies and many entertainment options abound and a concierge to help you fill your time. Often also a resort is focused on pampering yourself.

At a Retreat: You are voluntarily calling yourself and your group away from distractions. We are here to facilitate you to be able to lead your group how you feel God wants you to Lead. We will not become invasive and try to take over leadership, however, we do have rules to follow for the safety and respect of all guests. But we promise to never try to distract from what you’re hoping to achieve with your group. We don’t have television service or programs pre-planned that you have to fit into.


In a slight play on words, a resort is usually something that you are forced to have to take. You know -“the last resort?” However, a retreat is a decision. It is a deliberate act to pull back and focus on what’s important and to reassess for redirection and a better tomorrow.

A Retreat is a time of pulling your group or family together, bonding and forming lasting memories or a deliberate time to sequester your group in hopes of creating an environment to bring about a lasting impact of unity. These events cannot be measured by price or comparison. These are of intrinsic value. These are what make a retreat leave a lasting impression.

It’s not the mints on the pillow.