It is our hope and prayer that well before the time your group would be here, that we will all have heard an encouraging “All Clear!”



At the time of this blog post, our Board of Directors has currently approved an “Extenuating Circumstances Policy” which currently extends to groups arriving through JULY 15 2020 with the anticipated provision to prolong it through the Summer of 2020. As with so many of the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 situation, they will be reassessing regular updates along the way as the news and weeks progressThe next expected update to our “Extenuating Circumstances Policy” with a lengthened time frame and new additional options should be released around JUNE 15, 2020.


Currently, a cancelation or change for a group arriving outside of the “Extenuating Circumstances Policy” time frame would be subject to the regular cancelation policy found in our Conditions of Use.  The “Extenuating Circumstances Policy” has several options and is more lenient. It is to your group’s advantage to patiently wait if you are uncertain about your own plans. If and when the “Extenuating Circumstances Policy” extends into your dates,  we will reach out and notify each group leader.

In this unusual time, Wafloy Mountain Village wants to assure you that we are using all efforts to keep our guests safe and healthy. As always, the safety and security of each group and guest are among our highest priorities.

As part of our increased efforts amid the reports of COVID-19 we want to make you aware of the following:

  • Wafloy has elected to remain open and available based on the local authorities and State of TN Mandate 38 which currently allows for groups of 50 or less. We anticipate that this number will increase to Phase 3 the end of June, allowing groups of 100 or less to gather.  With that said, we will continue to act in accordance with recommendations from the Governor of TN, the CDC and health officials in our area.
  • We have preventative measures in place which align with CDC guidelines that mitigate the risk of transmission of the virus as well as transmission of influenza. Wafloy has increased the frequency and intensity of cleaning all multi-touch surfaces such as door handles, handrails, light switches, etc.; we use high-grade viral disinfectants.
  • In lodges, motel rooms and cabins where linens are provided, as usual, we offer clean, sanitized towels, kitchen cloths, and sheets. In addition, we are treating beds (in all buildings) and pillows with disinfectants and are increasing the number of towels so that each guest has their own dedicated hand towel (where linens are provided).
  • Due to Wafloy’s expansive campus layout, groups do not interact with other groups unless it is intentional. Another benefit specific to Wafloy is that your group has its own building; shared spaces are not the norm.

We will continue to take every step and precaution possible and keep you apprised of any updates as your reservation date approaches.

We are currently taking reservations for Fall and 2021 events now!   Please fill our Inquiry Form if you’d like to find out about availability. 

We value our relationship and thank you for your support of this Ministry.